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AC system check up includes:

  • filter rack inspection (assure filter is working properly with no duct leakage)

  • blower fan and case inspection and cleaning

  • evaporator check(indoor unit above the furnace)

  • Condenser coil deep cleaning (outdoor unit)

  • capacitor test (starts your fan & compressor)

  • contactor inspection (check for pitting, bugs,shorted wires)

  • amp draw on AC compressor

  • operating pressure/temperature relationship performance check                                                   

Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning is recommended and available. Clogged coils and bad air flow to the compressor creates over heating and motor failure. Results in loosing all the saving we tried to do to the gross cost of replacing a compressor and burnt refrigerant in the system. 

How often should AC coils be cleaned?

To minimize energy usage and reduce utility costs, the A/C coils should be cleaned at least once a year. It is estimated that dirty evaporator and condenser coils can increase the energy usage of your air conditioning system by over 30 percent

Finding leaks in a central air conditioner system is not an easy task. Companies will use dye packs or other tools like sniffers to locate leaks, but it can take several hours on systems with concealed parts. In many cases, when a slow leak cannot be immediately located, it's an indication that the evaporator coil or lineset is the culprit. When that occurs, you should consider replacement if the unit is older than 8-10 years. It is very important that no air enter the closed refrigerant system. This can cause moisture in the air mixing with the refrigerant and causing a acid and burning out your refrigerant compressor

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  • Furnace Cleaning

  • Troubleshooting & repair

  • Testo 310 combustion analysis - efficiency check up of natural gas burning appliances 

  • Dryer and dryer vent cleaning

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