Being a Wisconsin certified HVACR contractor falls right in the wheelhouse of your home weatherization projects. Complete and accurate information about your heating & cooling system and home performance done with instruments and worksheets that only a HVACR contractor can provide.   Wisconsin state statues Per Wis. Admin. Code § SPS 305.70, no person, entity or business may engage or offer to engage in installing or servicing heating, ventilating or air conditioning equipment unless the person, entity or business holds a registration issued by the Department as a registered HVAC Contractor. 

Problems with damp areas in basements, attics, and crawl spaces?  Consider proper water drainage, whole house dehumidification, add a variable speed blower motor for 24 hour air circulation. Consider using a quality thick pleated MERV filter to remove stale moldy air, dust and dander. Seal drafts around windows, doors and along the homes sill plate with proper metal flashing, insulation and caulking.

Protect the inside of your chimney with the proper installation of flashing at the point of roof contact and provide a solid chimney cap to keep the rain out .

Do exterior walls in your home stay cold? How about your ceiling under your attic? Have enough blown in insulation for a nice blanket?  loose fill cellulose insulation may be your answer to home cooling and heating comfort.

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